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Solar Energy: This renewable source of energy is available in India almost throughout the year, unlike in other parts of the world. Since India is among the top 5 most electricity using countries, there must be some alternative source of electricity that is cheaper, non-polluting, and easily available to generate electricity easily, be it in urban or rural parts of the country. Solar energy is one such form of energy that fulfills all these criteria. 

Since India is developing at a rapid fast speed, every passing day, our country needs solutions that are greener and more promising for the growth of the country. Investing in the business of solar energy can prove to be a wise decision, as every house in rural India needs to be lit up, and producing electricity from coal and other limited resources can be a bad idea, as electricity requirements are not a matter of days or months. 

So, with IID's course on solar energy, you can be a successful entrepreneur and also contribute to making the environment free of pollution. States like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal have great potential for tapping solar energy due to their geographical location. 

Projects in the Thar Desert of India have approximately a capacity of generating 700 to 2,100 GW. About 66 MW is installed for various applications in the rural area, amounting to be used in solar lanterns, street lighting systems, etc. For approximately $20 billion in July 2009, a solar power plant was unveiled, which produced about 20 GW of solar power in 2020. So if you too are curious to know about this business, then enroll today and contribute towards a better, greener, and brighter future. To know more about the industry, please visit:



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